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Living as Lifetime Learners

Perfect Love

Posted by Andy Atkinson on

God is love (1 John 4:16). His very nature is perfect love.  Perhaps you were hurt by someone you loved, and your heart became hardened as a defense against further pain. You may love others but not know how to express your love in words or actions. You may feel frustrated because you have been called by God to love, yet you do not understand how to love others.  Growing in Christ is growing in our capability to love others as if they were Christ Himself.  Love is primary to everything we do.  Love takes priority over everything.  

Paul wrote to disciples in Thessalonica to encourage them not to become disheartened as they learned to love each other (1 Thess. 3:7). Love is the better way even after our fractured world imposes bitterness, anger and fear.  God’s love through the Holy Spirit guides us and enlightens our hearts to navigate our relationships and actions.  Often we find someone who was difficult to love, God would enable us to love them through His Holy Spirit.  A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.  

God in His grace has made provision for our human weakness, and He is prepared to teach us how to love one another. There are no exceptions. This is a process of letting go of our ego and assumptions.  Sometimes it is simple but difficult process of just not taking ourselves so seriously.  Are you struggling to love someone? God will help you. He will enable you to love your parents, your spouse, your children, your friends, or your enemy in a deeper way than you could ever love them on your own. It is not about will power, but humility.  If you do not know how to express your love in a meaningful way, God will teach you how to do this. God is the authority on love. Let pray and ask Him to make His love overflow to others through your life.