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Living as Lifetime Learners

Seeking Approval

Posted by Andy Atkinson on

It is common for all of us to seek approval for our actions. As kids, we longed for the affirmation of our parents. As we grew older, we also valued the opinions of our friends, colleagues, and employers. At times, the esteem of others can claim such importance that it becomes our way to measure our worth as a person. But Paul said that he was not striving to obtain the approval of people. Some of his critics thought their criticisms could determine what he did. Yet these same people were praising themselves for their own opinions and behavior. They were seeking the approval of others, and they were receiving it.

Jesus said that those who seek to gain the approval of other people “have their own reward” (Matt. 6:2-5). It is the only harvest they will reap, since it was all that was planted.  Paul, too, realized that achieving the praise of others is not difficult, but earning God’s approval of faithfulness is a far greater accomplishment. The same affirmation “Well done!” that Jesus received from the Father became Paul’s goal as well (2 Tim. 2:3-5). Paul knew that self-approval is not hard to attain. Paul himself had once been pleased with his own life, until he came to realize that the righteousness he was so proud of was mere rubbish in the kingdom of God (Phil. 3:8). After his dramatic conversion, Paul understood that God’s evaluation of his actions was what mattered, not even his own opinion of himself.

So whose opinion matters most to you? The commendation that matters most is the one that comes from God the Father. The pleasure that your life gives to God should be your motivation to live righteously.  Jesus didn’t allow the reactions and status of the people dilute his message to the world. It was a message of love but often people were offended.  All had ears, but few listened intently.