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The Posture of Humility

Posted by Andy Atkinson on

Pride is the great enemy of the Christian. Its stealth capabilities and cancer-like nature can affect everything!  It motivates us to do things that we know are not Christlike, and it hinders us from doing what brings glory to God. Pride influenced Adam and Eve to attempt to become like God (Gen. 3:5). Pride motivated Cain to murder his brother (Gen. 4:5). Pride provoked Joseph’s brothers to sell him into slavery (Gen. 37:8). Pride caused King Saul to resent David so deeply that he tried to murder him (1 Sam. 18:8). Pride led King Hezekiah to foolishly reveal his nation’s wealth to his enemies (Isa. 39:2). Pride was at the root of the Pharisees’ anger toward Jesus. Pride was the reason the disciples argued over rank in the kingdom (Luke 9:46).  Good or bad, all are open to the effects of pride!

If we succumb to its influence, it will be hard to confront. We may know that we have offended someone, but pride holds us back from asking forgiveness. We may realize we need to reconcile a broken relationship, but pride will lead us to deny that need. The Spirit may convict us that we are living a dysfunctional lifestyle, but pride will discourage us from admitting it. Pride will convince us that we deserve better treatment, thus breeding entitlement. Pride will impede us from serving others. Instead, pride will have us striving for places of prominence and power.  Pride will have us listen to flatterers and ignore honest counselors and not distinguish the difference.  Pride will lead us to isolate ourself so that we are not accountable to others. Pride will prevent us from finding a posture of humility.

The posture of humility places our life in a position where God will speak priceless words of love as He creates something beautifully Christlike in your life. This is the upside down kingdom of Jesus.  If pride has crept into some areas of our life, lets ask God to give us strength to lovingly confront it before it robs us of God’s abundant life.