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Pastor Jason

A Place of Dependence

Posted by Jason Thomas on

         What if we lived in a place of dependence? Most of the first disciples were skilled fishermen. They were very familiar with fishing on the Sea of Galilee, which is known for stirring up terrible wind storms without warning. The disciples knew how to handle these violent storms. Yet, on that day, as they surely tried to manage the storm in their own strength, they found themselves in a desperate situation. When all else failed, they turned to Jesus with these words, “‘Master, Master, we’re going to drown’” (Luke 8:24). Jesus arose from His nap and calmed the storm simply with the power of His voice!
          As we take this next step in our online series on Shared Values, consider this: Are you depending on His strength or your own? This is an important question as we continue exploring the GOSPEL values that we are striving to share. As we’ve seen in previous weeks, “G” means growing in Christ and “O” means having an outward focus. This week we focus on the “S,” which is all about being Spirit empowered.
          Why is it so important for us to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit? Remember Jesus said that He would be the one to build His Church (Matthew 16), just as God promised that the seed of David would be the one to build His house (2 Samuel 7). And because Jesus is the master builder, anything that we hope to accomplish for His kingdom must depend on Him. I’ve heard it stated this way, if what we are doing for God does not depend on God, then we don’t need to be doing it.
          Our mission is a God-sized mission, and we are ministering in a culture that is disconnected from God and often hostile to the gospel. If there is any hope for us to be disciples who are making disciples in our context, then we must prayerfully yield ourselves and be dependent on Holy Spirit power. As we step into a new year, ask yourself, are you depending on Him? Ask God to stretch your faith and position you so that you have no choice but to depend on Him. I will have more to share next week!   -Jason