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Pastor Jason

Beyond the Huddle

Posted by Jason Thomas on

       Looking Beyond the Huddle. Imagine being included in the original twelve. They had been hand-picked by Jesus and had spent at least two years by His side. There were times when they argued over who among them would be the greatest. And yet, right in the middle of their human tendencies and weaknesses, Jesus raised them up to eventually think bigger than themselves. This meant even thinking beyond their group of twelve. Jesus told them, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you” (John 20:21). And with those words, began the launch of a movement that would change the world!
          As I’ve stated before, it is very important that we have shared values. Every successful team, business or church family does. Shared values give us common unity, identity, and direction, and last week we looked at the “G” of our GOSPEL values, growing in Christ. This week, as we take this next step in our online series, our focus is all about the “O,” having an outward focus.
          Why is an outward focus so valuable? First because Jesus commands it. He has given us the same commission that He gave the original twelve. And this ongoing mission depends on us carrying it forward to new people and the next generation. Second, however, we must remember our natural tendencies. We tend to huddle and find comfort in our consistent relational niches. This alone is not a bad thing. It is wonderful that we are people who love each other. Yet, we have to be careful that our love for each other does not exclude or lead to the neglect of others. We enjoy our huddles, but don’t let them be a stopping point or a chilling effect on the mission of God. The mission is ongoing as we head into 2019. Have a very happy New Year! I will share more on our Shared Values next week       -Jason