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Pastor Jason

How is Your Soil?

Posted by Jason Thomas on

          How is your soil? As you may know, we began a new Sunday morning series on Sunday, 9.15, called “Grow My Soul.” Our opening text came from Mark 4 with Jesus teaching a crowd that was so large, He had to step into a boat on the lake so that the crowd could gather along the shore. Jesus had several crowd-teaching moments like this in which He would consistently share the good news of the Kingdom of God. In essence, He was preaching the gospel that we continue to preach, yet in Mark 4 He took a unique step of challenging the crowd on their readiness to receive the Word He was sharing. The Word of God is an essential ingredient to the spiritual growth of our souls. But if the Word is like a seed, the question in Mark 4 is… What is the condition of your soil?
          Jesus describes soil that is worn like a path, soil that is filled up with rocks, and soil that is being choked by thorns. A life that is like the path is one that is warn down by wear and tear that prevents the Word for getting below the surface. A life that is like the rocky soil, is one that is filled up with busy-ness and noise that prevent the Word from growing deep. And a life that is like the thorny soil, is one that allows worry and the pursuit of wealth to compete with the Word and keep it from producing fruit.
          As seasons and circumstances change, so does the condition of our soil. There may be times in which you find one or more or all of the conditions that Jesus describes about the soil. Begin to think about the condition(s) of your life in your current season. How ready and receptive are you for the Word and other spiritual ingredients that God has for you? I will share more in our next edition.     -Jason