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Pastor Jason

The Power of Intercession

Posted by Jason Thomas on

           The power of intercession! Last week I began a new article series with you on how to become a faith multiplier without being pushy or annoying. We looked at some hard-to-believe numbers of what could happen if we shared our faith with others who, in turn, shared their faith with others on a weekly basis. While the results are always up to God, the best we can be is faithful to the mission God has for us.
          As we take this next step, consider the power of interceding for others. When it comes to sharing our faith, we most often think about reaching out to others on behalf of God. What if, however, we started by first reaching out to God on behalf of others? This is the opportunity of intercessory prayer.
          Think of people you know who don’t really know Jesus. Are you praying for them?  This, of course, assumes that you know some people who need Jesus.  If you don't, that is an entirely different prayer.  Once you have a few people in mind, however, you can begin lifting them up to God and asking God to move in their lives. Even the people who will have nothing to do with God can do nothing to stop you from praying or God from moving. In time, you can come along side them and ask, “When I pray tonight, do you mind if I pray for you?” Rarely will they say, “no.” Then you can begin to ask specifically how you can be praying, with opportunities to ask them how things are going soon thereafter.
          Think about how this will pave the way for more gospel-centered conversations as you continue praying for them. And as you are interceding, remember that you have a high priest who is also interceding for you (see Hebrews 4:14-16). You can approach God with confidence, even on behalf of others, because of how Jesus is interceding for you!     -Jason