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Pastor Jason

Value the Values

Posted by Jason Thomas on

         Having the Right Values! Welcome back to our online series addressing some of the cultural trends happening around us. We live in a season in which the culture is changing, and as I’ve written before, there are many examples of industries all around us that have been revolutionized or brought to extinction with the rise of new technologies. Changes like these should move us to consider, without sacrificing our biblical integrity, how can we further our gospel mission in an ever-changing culture?      
          Last week I encouraged us to think about building and sustaining relationships with people beyond our physical campus with innovations such as in-home Bible studies, an FBC phone app, and worship service live-streaming. I continue encouraging us to think well and to consider what innovations God can use to help us further His gospel mission. Yet, as we wrap up this article series, we would be remise not to address this major point: We must have the right values driving everything we do. The right values come from the heart, and as you know, God cares more about the heart than what’s on the outside (see 1Samuel 16:7).
          So, what are those core values? My next online series will explore that question in detail, but let me begin here by emphasizing these: What if we valued passion over perfection, courage over comfort, people over programs, growth over going through the motions, outward focus over ourselves, excellence over excuses, and mission over money?  What values do you value? We will consider this more next week.     -Jason