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Pastor Jason

Worry Less and Worship More

Posted by Jason Thomas on

          Less Worry and More Worship! In the psalms, we are given some of the most heartfelt insights into the lives of people who walked closely with God. A young man named David is one of those, and we are given a personal example of his walk in Psalm 56. “In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise - In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me” (Psalm 56:10-11)?
          Those are powerful words of hope and worship, especially if we consider that David wrote them at a time when he was being held captive behind enemy lines. Most of our English Bibles translate the word of worship in Psalm 56 as “praise,” but the word actually has deeper meaning that will carry us into the fifth edition of our blog series on the seven BIG words for Worship.
          Our big word for this edition is the Hebrew word, “towdah.” The word is found throughout the Psalms and describes an expression of worship that happens even while you are waiting on God. It means to worship well with expectation and thanksgiving even while you wait.
          We all know what it is like to wait in traffic, long grocery store lines, and crowded restaurants. None of us like to wait, but imagine the more difficult times of waiting. David was waiting for physical deliverance from his enemies. Some of us are waiting on a relationship to be restored, an illness to be healed, or a friend to come to faith. We pray for God to make a way, but do we worship while we wait?
          This is worship that calls for great faith as we lift up praise even before God answers. Worship becomes less tied to our circumstances and more focused on the God who transcends our circumstances. It won’t be easy, but be encouraged to worship more and worry less with “towdah!” -Jason