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Pastor Jason

You are an Important Instrument

Posted by Jason Thomas on

          Do you think of yourself as an instrument? The great prophet Elisha called for the harpist in 2 Kings 3:15, and while the harpist was playing, "the hand of the Lord came upon Elisha," and Elisha proclaimed that God would provide water in the Desert of Edom and lead Israel to victory over Moab. Imagine the harpist strumming his wooden instrument while Elisha proclaimed the Word of God. This was a powerful moment of worship that leads nicely into the fourth edition of our blog series on the seven BIG words for Worship.
          Our big word for this edition is the Hebrew word, "zamar." It is found forty-one time in the Old Testament and means to experience the presence of God through the strumming of a musical instrument. It reminds us that music is a powerful medium that God can use to touch our souls in a way that few other things can. Think about a worship song or classic hymn that lifts you up and brings great joy to your spirit the moment you hear the first note. Music is one of those artistic mediums that helps you experience God in a close and powerful way.
          Though not all of us actually play a musical instrument, the truth is that we all can be instruments for worship. Through faith in Christ, your body has become a temple for the presence of God (see 1 Cor. 3:16). And when you participate in a gathered worship experience, you unite together with other believers with the same Holy Spirit moving in and through other people in a way that elicits harmony, rhythm, passion, momentum, and ultimately brings glory to God! You are a wonderful instrument, and when you place your life freely in the hands of God, He will produce a glorious sound!   -Jason